Tuning in What’s Right for You

There’s a lot of advice on the best way to do anything. The best morning routine. The best diet. All kinds of health or business advice. Quite often, it’s even communicated like that is the only right way to do something and all other ways are wrong.

This misses an important point. There is no habit, routine, or way of doing things that work for every single person on the planet.

We’re all different. What we like or dislike is different for each of us. We have different personalities. Our bodies are different. For example, some people thrive on large networking events, others hate them.

Our circumstances and resources are different. For example, do you live alone or have small kids to take off? How much money do you have?

Our goals and what we want in life are different. Maybe the minimalist digital nomad lifestyle or having a large house and fancy cars sounds great, but maybe neither is what you want if you’re being honest with yourself.

That means that we need to be discerning when it comes to advice from others. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have a look anymore at how other people are doing things. It’s not wise to reinvent the wheel all the time. But we shouldn’t assume because someone suggests something as the magic bullet for XYZ, it’s something that we should implement in our lives. See if it fits you and your life. And also how you might adjust it so that it fits you and your life.