Structure or Free Flow

How much structure or routine I need has been something I’ve been playing around with for the past few years.

We need both and for each of us, it’s different where we fall on the spectrum.

I’ve tried out strict time blocking and scheduled my whole day. This did not work for me. I got already demotivated just looking at my calendar. I also prefer waking up without an alarm. Meaning that my wake-up time isn’t consistent. That makes scheduling the days in advance difficult.

Just floating around with no schedule at all doesn’t work very well either because I don’t get anything done.

Right now, I’m playing around with scheduling some things like exercise into my calendar. But otherwise, just be more clear about the things I want to make time for in my day, but be more flexible with the schedule. For example, I don’t have a strict morning routine. It’s after getting up, but the exact time differs. Also, I don’t do the same routine every day, but I choose from a set of different practices depending on what I need that day.