What Happens if I Let Go of Wanting to Impress

I first started writing a different blog post. But I started tapping into the same trap that I’ve struggled with before when creating content: I want to impress. I want other people to think that I’m smart. That I’m good enough. And that I don’t say anything wrong.

And I felt the same struggle as before. Not in the flow at all.

As soon as I start thinking about what other people will think of the post and try to impress them, I start struggling. Words stop flowing.

I feel in the flow when I’m writing for myself. My thoughts at this moment. What’s true for me right now.

It’s hard to let go of that line of thinking. But I will keep practicing it. I wanna keep showing up. While I don’t think, these doubts will ever fully disappear (at least many experienced content creators say that they still have those doubts), it will get easier as I’m showing my nervous system, that I’m surviving each time that I’m showing up.