Follow-Through or Drop It?

It sometimes seems that there are two schools of thought. One is talking about how to build our willpower and push until we get what we want. The other school of thought is telling us that we should be in the flow and if we struggle, it’s a sign that we shouldn’t be doing it.

I believe that the truth is somewhere in the middle and we need both in our lives.

If we push all the time, life is just a struggle and feels really hard. It can also keep us doing things, that we really shouldn’t be doing. It can also be a sign that we’re doing something against our nature and interests.

For example, I’ve tried to time-block my day because a lot of people state that it’s great for productivity.

I absolutely hated it. I feel drained and uninspired if I look at my calendar and every minute is scheduled. I got really frustrated because as soon as I started my day a bit later than planned, the whole day seems to be ruined.

(Side note: When I learned about Human Design I learned that I’m not designed to have a fixed schedule every day).

But I also don’t believe that it’s always a sign that we shouldn’t be doing whatever we’re doing if we struggle. When we try something new, we struggle not necessarily because it’s not meant for us, but because we doubt ourselves. We worry what other people think of us. We struggle because we get frustrated by not matching up to our own expectations yet.

So, sometimes we need to move through the discomfort before it gets better.

One question that I like to ask myself is whether I can see myself enjoying whatever I’m doing?